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Torchwood Word of the Day Community

One word, a hundred ideas, a thousand tales

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Welcome to the Torchwood Word of the Day Community, a comm for posting fic inspired by the Word of the Day on dictionary.com.

Every day a new word will be appearing as a challenge to write Torchwood fanfiction, involving the latest word, or just inspired by it, doesn't matter. The results - your creations - will then be posted in this community and if everything works out we should have new Torchwood fic every day!

Every kind of story is welcome here, as long as it was written for this challenge and involves the Torchwood team (however vague) or a selection of its characters.
Please include a rating and (if necessary) a spoiler warning, longer stories and those with spoilers should go behind a lj-cut. Ideally your story should be up within 24 hours of the new challenge, but knowing that isn't always possible (and we won't hit you if it takes a week for you to write it) please also include the word that inspired the fic at the top of your posting. Combinations of words are also acceptable.